Annual meeting

January 20th, 2015

It is time for KIDS annual meeting. The meeting will be held at 17:30 on the 27 January in J1270, the room below the stairs to the restaurant.
Are you interested of being a member of the board and are motivated, we would be happy if you could show up.

Winners of the Badminton Tournament

December 7th, 2014

Congratulations to the winners of the badminton tournament:
Vommi Rajaneesh / Rajesh Kumar!

Runner-ups: Sudhir Vyas / Srikar Madhira
Semi-finalists: Hannes Trygg / Markus Utterström & Manish Reddy / Srinivasan Jayaraman

Badminton Tournament!

November 25th, 2014

Hey everyone, it’s finally time for another sports event! :)

We’re arranging a badminton tournament together with ISC on the 6th of December in Gräsvikshallen. It’s going to be a doubles tournament where you can sign up either as a pair or alone, in which case you’ll be randomly paired up with another player!

The entry fee is 20 SEK per player, to be paid on location on the 6th, and you can click here to sign up. There is a limit to the number of participants we can take to be able to fit the tournament in one day, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up.

As usual there will be fine prizes for the winner, runner-up and semifinalists. :)

Hope to see a lot of players there!

Results BTH-Ruset

October 3rd, 2014

Here are the results from the BTH-ruset and we have also posted some pictures to our facebook page.
Please check it out

Female winner Julia Frisk 20:03
Male winner Philip Persson 16:23

(The reultas are orderd by name)

00:20:43 Adam Georgsson 68
00:39:32 aditya kamma 15
00:24:59 Agnes Marklund 24
00:23:44 Alejandro Hernandez 90
00:18:15 Alexander Öhgren 87
00:27:55 Ali Dareini 14
00:20:17 Amanda Leo 63
00:31:32 Anders Johannesson 31
00:26:09 Andrej Sekac 48
00:24:11 Annie Skoog 70
00:21:30 Anton Erlandsson 92
00:23:36 Atabas Genkov 1
00:21:37 Axel Lönnqvist 29
00:40:42 Catrin Ekenberg 64
00:25:55 Charles Kabiri 19
00:35:26 Christian Nyberg 27
00:33:30 Cilia Jørgensen 57
00:29:12 Daniela Edvinsson 26
00:23:47 David Randa 18
00:48:23 Demulier–Chevret Tom 47
00:20:50 Dennis Olsson 23
00:28:49 Dilip Somaraju 73
00:21:00 Elias Jaafar 39
00:38:16 Elin Plato 32
00:21:28 Elin Viklund 41
00:26:13 Emma Karlsson 25
00:24:25 Eva Pettersson 95
00:27:34 Ezekiel wafula Wepundi 12
00:32:22 FILLION-MAILLET Anthony 7
00:17:31 Fredrik Berndtsson 46
00:22:34 Fredrika Ljung 42
00:21:04 Guillermo Álvarez 37
00:22:06 Hampus Åberg 30
00:31:01 Hanna Erixon 35
00:24:10 Jan Paulusson 58
00:22:21 Jenna McNeil 2
00:35:27 Jens Karlsson 36
00:25:41 Johan Eelde Koivisto 91
00:31:31 Johan Eliasson 4
00:18:03 Johannes Falk 33
00:23:11 Jonas Hoffmann 49
00:20:03 Julia Frisk 88
00:24:57 Karolis 51
00:26:59 Krzysztof Cal 85
00:52:09 Lavanya Pampana Vinod 77
00:21:05 Linus Johnson 22
00:32:08 Lisa Thulin 59
00:23:36 Lucas Kadelski 76
00:40:41 maheshbabu 86
00:27:15 Mahmoud el jebali 67
00:27:00 Manish Reddy 44
00:25:16 Marc Fink 82
00:22:11 Marika Nyström 43
00:23:12 Mariusz Balcerak 75
00:33:29 max danielsson 56
00:23:47 Max Jendruk 50
00:44:08 Mengyuan Peng 69
00:20:52 Mikael Andersson 55
00:25:31 Mustafa Al-Leddawi 20
00:38:38 Navneet Chamala 72
00:28:49 Nell Goepel 79
00:28:35 Nizan Sylvain 8
00:25:44 Ola Ulvås 38
00:21:12 Olofsson Marcus 17
00:21:43 Omar Nassor 60
00:28:09 Pavan Mudduluru 10
00:30:48 Philip Henningson 66
00:16:23 Philip Persson 28
00:16:25 Pontus Petersson 40
00:52:08 Pranay Nizampuram 9
00:48:23 rajesh bachu 78
00:43:23 Ravichandra Kumar Kollu 84
00:31:47 Rocan Sazdar 5
00:32:03 Sai Prashanth Josyula 80
00:26:27 Sajdkick 54
00:28:35 Sara Blázquez Calderay 6
00:17:56 sfafiq 61
00:39:26 Sharath Abbireddy 71
00:52:10 Shravya Nethula 74
00:25:46 Smaranda Chifu 53
00:34:28 srinivasu akkineni 83
00:48:06 sriram kankatala 94
00:52:11 syed usman 62
00:21:09 Tim Zimmermann 52
00:26:55 Tobias Nowotny 93
00:20:59 Txomin Nazabal Etxebeste 21
00:48:17 Uday Majeti 81
00:25:09 Wenzo Alharbe 89
00:48:18 Xabier Hernandez Jauregi 65

BTH-Ruset 2014!

September 17th, 2014

It’s once again time for the annual BTH-ruset, a race that takes you around Västra Mark. The race is about 5km and will be held on the 1st of October. Fill out this form to enter the race! You have until the day before the race, the 30th of September, to register for the race, but remember that you have to get your number tag according to the schedule below.

Date: Wednesday the first of October

Time: The race starts at 17:00, the warm-up is from about 16:45, but it’s a good idea to be there at 16:30 at the latest

Place: Outside the J building, next to the volleybay court

Price: Free if you’re in costume, otherwise 20 SEK

Where to get your number tag and pay: We will be available inside the entrance of the J building on the first floor according to this schedule:
26th of September, 12:00-13:00
29th of September, 12:00-13:00
30th of September, 11:00-13:00

Prizes: Everyone who finishes the race gets a medal! The fastest man and woman gets their name added to the BTH-ruset trophy. The three fastest runners get other prizes, and we also give some prizes out to random participants. There is also a prize for best costume! The prize ceremony will be held at about 18:00.

Track: The race starts at BTH and runs along the water past Studentviken, makes a loop around Västra Mark and then circles back to BTH. The track is about 5km. Here’s a map:

BTH-Ruset 2014 Track

Getting started again after the summer break!

August 31st, 2014

Hello and welcome back after the summer holidays!

We also welcome those of you that are new to BTH to our activities and hope that we get to play with some of you. As usual it’s completely free and no sign-up required – just show up and start playing! There are people responsible for each activity that can help you get started if needed. :)

The activities will start up again under the following two weeks. Here are the specific dates for each sport:
Basketball: Tuesday 2/9
Cricket: Friday 5/9
Badminton: Monday 8/9
Floorball: Monday 8/9
Football (soccer): Monday 8/9

You can find the time and location for each activity in the schedule here on the website. Note that the schedule for basketball and cricket have changed slightly, while the other sports are the same as last term.

Also don’t forget that we will hold the traditional BTH race during the coming weeks! More information about the race and how to sign up will be published soon.

See you at the training!

A summer break

June 19th, 2014

Now has all activities come to and end for this semester, which means that we will be having a summer break.
The sports will continue again the comming fall.

Have a nice summer, and we’ll see you in the autumn.

Ending of season

May 22nd, 2014

Hello everyone.
The semester is coming to an end and thus our trainings. Basketball ended this Thuesday and cricket last Friday, so for you who practice these sports, I say, see you in the fall. Floorball, indoor soccer and badminton will continue a few weeks more, exacte date will be published in the near future.

Please notice that on the next Monday (May the tewnty sixth) there will be no training in Gräsvikshallen (the one located at BTH) due to an event.

The cricket is no longer cancelled

April 1st, 2014

The archery tournamnet that was supposed to take place on Friday is cancelled.
This means that we are able to play some cricket on this Friday, the fourth of April.

Cancelled trainings

March 21st, 2014

Please note that all activities on Monday the twentyfourth of March are cancelled because of a music event. The activities that are affected are following.
16:00-17:00 Badminton
19:30-21:00 Floorball
21:00-22:30 Indoor Soccer

The cricket is cancelled on the fourth of April due to a contest in archery.