A summer break

June 19th, 2014

Now has all activities come to and end for this semester, which means that we will be having a summer break.
The sports will continue again the comming fall.

Have a nice summer, and we’ll see you in the autumn.

Ending of season

May 22nd, 2014

Hello everyone.
The semester is coming to an end and thus our trainings. Basketball ended this Thuesday and cricket last Friday, so for you who practice these sports, I say, see you in the fall. Floorball, indoor soccer and badminton will continue a few weeks more, exacte date will be published in the near future.

Please notice that on the next Monday (May the tewnty sixth) there will be no training in Gräsvikshallen (the one located at BTH) due to an event.

The cricket is no longer cancelled

April 1st, 2014

The archery tournamnet that was supposed to take place on Friday is cancelled.
This means that we are able to play some cricket on this Friday, the fourth of April.

Cancelled trainings

March 21st, 2014

Please note that all activities on Monday the twentyfourth of March are cancelled because of a music event. The activities that are affected are following.
16:00-17:00 Badminton
19:30-21:00 Floorball
21:00-22:30 Indoor Soccer

The cricket is cancelled on the fourth of April due to a contest in archery.

Team Badminton Competition selection

March 19th, 2014

For those of you who have not seen arranges Blekinge Chinese Friendship Association a badminton tournament a number of Saturdays to come starting 29/3. We at KIDS thought we could send our “own” KIDS team to the competition. Therefore, we thought we could have a small selection tomorrow Thursday 20/3 for those who are interested. If you just want to play as usual it’s fine and if you want to make your own team it’s ok.
Please note that each team must have at least one female participant.
For more information about the competition, visit http://bkv.org.se/eng/news/news16.html

KIDS have a new board and will continue

January 27th, 2014

After an extra meeting we managed to fill all board seats. So now we have a full board, which means that KIDS will be able to continue as before, with all the activities. The activities that we organize are badminton, basketball, cricket, soccer and floorball. What times and in what hall sports are played are located here http://kids.bthstudent.se/activiesschedule/ . One of the better things about the sports we hold is that they do not cost anything and you do not need to sign up in any way. Just show up when you can and want to.

Our website is updated with the contact information about the new members of the board, so if you want to contact us, please do. With this we in the new board wishes all at BTH an active year and a good health , see you hopefully on one of our sports.

//KIDS board
Chairman: Christian Claesson
Vice Chairman: Anna Kika
Secretary: Frida Svensson
Financially responsible: Alejandro Hernandez
Webmaster: Anders Mårtensson

Board members;
Filip Andersson
Noh Saeed
Shashi Thummanapalli

Results from the annual meeting

January 16th, 2014

After the annual meeting January 15th, 2014, the Board has concluded that there is a lack of new interested members who would volunteer to take over the board positions and keep KIDS running. Therefore, we write this open letter to all BTH students and invite to take over the required positions mentioned below.

If these positions are not filled by voluntary members, the current board will be forced to cancel KIDS. This will then lead to research proceeds from 5 different sports who KIDS free offers all BTH students to take part in and avenues for the new sports that could be added onto KIDS schedule.

A new board can not be approved if the number of board members is less than 5 people.

Positions that are expected to be filled:
Vice-President -
Secretary -
Finance Manager -

Positions that have been filled:
Chairman – Christian Claesson FP13
Webmaster – Anders Mårtensson DSV12
Ledamoter – Shashi Thummanaplli

If the new members of the board is not selected before the 22th of January KIDS will unfortunately have to be terminated.

Annual meeting

January 13th, 2014
Hi there!
On the 15th of January at 1600 in J1270 will KIDS annual meeting beheld and you as a student of BTH is much welcome to join. During the meeting will the current board resign and a new one will be assigned, who will be in the new board is up to those who is attending the meeting. If you would like to engage yourself in sport activities at BTH this is the best opportunity to do so. Do you have any questions about the meeting please contact anyone in the board or reply to this email.
Please note that being part of the board such as Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and as Economy responsible requires good skill in booth written and spoken Swedish.
On a different note, all our activities will be running as normal from today onward :)

Football canceled 18th of Nov

November 18th, 2013

Idag, den 18:e november, kommer fotbollen att vara inställd på grund av ansvarige är bortrest, sprida gärna det vidare till dina kompisar. Men på onsdag den 20:e kommer allt vara som vanligt igen.


Today’s (18th of November) Football will unfortunately have to cancelled due to Nader not being in town, so please spread word. The Football will continue as normal on 20th of November.

Basket on Tuesday’s has been moved.

October 7th, 2013

Svensk_Flag_LowPå grund av brister i idrottshallen på Wämöskolan har Basketen på tisdgar nu flyttats till Sparrehallen klockan 20:30-22:00, med start denna vecka. Har du några frågor om Basketen kontakta Fatmir, för information om hur du hittar till Sparrehallen se våran sida om Basket.


English_Flag_LowDue to the short comings at Wämöskolans sports hall when playing Basket, Basket has now been moved to Sparrehallen on Tuesday’s and time slightly shifted to 20:30-22:00. Please note that this starts from this week and contact Fatmir if you have any questions about the activity, for location information please see section Basket.

-Robin Thunström