How to become member of KIDS

To all you out there wondering how you can pay to become a member in KIDS. Membership is 150 kr and then you can play for as much as you want, on all of our sports, for a whole year.

Swishnumber is: 123 188 10 36
Or if you wanna pay directly to our bankaccount in Swedbank.
Accountnumer: 983 764 954-1
Clearingnumber: 8169-5
IBAN-number: 98 8000 0816 9598 3764 9541
When you become member we also want you to add some information to the payment:
* Your full name
* Social security number
* E-mail
* Phone
*sports you’d like to attend
If you have any questions regarding payment or what it goes to, please just send us a message on FB.