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Karlskronastudents sports society

We activate students

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Registration to groups

Click on the button below to register in the groups that correspond to the sports you are interested in!

If you are not part of a group, you will not be able to book a training!

To be active in a sport on Laget.se you need to be a member of the Blekinge Student Union.

Every week during the semester we organize sports for the students on campus Karlskrona. Everyone is welcome to try new sports, we usually have material to lend.

You can test five times then membership in Blekinge student union is required to be able to continue training with us. This is so that you are covered by our accident insurance.

KIDS is a non-profit section under Blekinge Student Union and is run by committed students. Coaches on our workouts are also non-profit. If you want to join us, please contact us on kids@bthstudent.se!