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About us

Respect Happiness Fellowship

KIDS is part of Blekinge Student Union and aims to conduct sports and sports-related activities and competitions at BTH in Karlskrona. The section consists of students for students. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Ja, det krävs att du är medlem i Blekinge studentkår för att vara med på våra events. Du får dock testa 2 gånger innan vi kräver ett medlemskap.

You can read and become a member here https://bthstudent.se/medlemskap/

By being a member of Blekinge student union, you become accident risk insured through the Swedish Academic Sports Association more about the insurance, you can read here

Changing clothes, water bottle and indoor shoes without black sole are what you need to bring with you. For those sports that require equipment, we have some to lend.


Karlskronastudents sports society was founded in 1993 and is one of the oldest associations linked to Blekinge Institute of Technology, BTH.  We organize sports activities for the members of the union. Everyone is welcome professionals as well as amateurs!

Present time:

Today organize activities four times a week. All students at Blekinge Institute of Technology are welcome to become members and participate in our events.Do you want to know more about how our board works or see meeting minutes, you can find it here


Our vision is that everyone, regardless of gender, age, nationality or level, should be able to participate and meet a new community with sports that have united interest. 

The board


Mattias Nyman




Vice President

André Varga

Financial Accountant

Yohannes Zemichael 


Othilda Ahlrot


Communications manager

Johanna Wirebro

Public relation

Emilia Heiderup

Event coordinator

Sophie Cook

Want to get more involved with KIDS? 

With us, you can get involved as a leader in our activities. Or why not nominate yourself for next year's board?

Contact us if you're intressed